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Language Services

language services houstonDon’t let a Language Barrier prevent you and/or your company from receiving or providing services.  Health Necessities provides a range of translation and interpretation services nationally and internationally.  Bilingual Services available to meet your short and/or long term needs. Health Necessities Language Services helps you achieve objectives in a cost effective manner despite language barriers.  Health Necessities has certified and/or experienced interpreters that provides spoken interpretation in the industry of medical/health care, legal and entertainment.  Health Necessities Language Services consist of Written Translation, Onsite Interpretation, Multilingual Translation, Phone Interpretation and Audiovisual Interpretation can be coordinated.

Sign Language

Need assistance in servicing the deaf and hard of hearing?  Health Necessities has qualified interpreters, nationally certified, state screened and professionally evaluated with ADA compliant.  Services are provided Nationally & Internationally.  American Sign Language (ASL) services are available via ASL Interpreter, Video Remote Interpreting, and On-Site Interpreting.  Contact Health Necessities to meet you American Sign Language needs at 832–275-2673 or Email: healthnecessities@gmail.com.