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Advanced Directives

funeral planning houstonFinancial planning, medical planning, and making your will available to key people in your life is what end of life planning is all about.  Making sure that your estate is cared for when you pass is dependent upon the arrangements that are made beforehand.  Preparing your wishes for different medical events that may arise and steps that should be taken should be specified.  An end of life plan spells out your wishes when you no longer have the ability to do so yourself.

Living Will and Advanced Health Care Planning

The best way to make sure your health care wishes are known and followed is to do some advance health care planning and complete a living will and/or other documentation in advance.  Advance Directives are not just for the elderly and frail.  In fact, the best time to complete your Advance Directives is when you are mentally capable and healthy and then update your documents as needed or your health condition changes.  Health Necessities can assist with the following Advanced Health Care Planning needs:

  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Living Will/Directive to Physician
  • Estate Will
  • Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate
  • Mental Health Warrant Voluntary/Involuntary
  • Competency Evaluation
  • Guardianship