Caregiver Home Care

caregiver home care houstonHealth Necessities provides affordable and dependable care.  We provide the peace of mind that comes with quality health care.  Health Necessities holds high standards in our Skilled and Compassionate Staff.

Wound care

Changing bandages and dressing to ensure that the wound is being tended to properly. We watch for redness and other signs of infection. We can help track progress and monitor changes in the wound at make recommendations.

IV therapy

IV services may be necessary for delivery of medications and vitamins to the patient. Our trained healthcare technicians have expertise to provide this service on-site and in a comfortable environment.

Medication management

Making sure that the proper dose and regimen is crucial for the stability and recovery of a patient. Health Necessities’ Staff will carefully monitor the dosage and delivery, and follow the recommendations of the doctor. We can also make note of complaints by the patient in regards to the medication. We can help arrange a system that makes it easier for the patient to take medication and break pills up into fourths and halves if it is required. We will help the patient set-up a pill box system if they prefer.

Disease management

A long-term disease can be managed by professionals to improve quality of life and the outlook of the patient. It’s about providing support where there are deficiencies and proactive patient care. When we are proactive, we minimize the effects of disease and delay its effects. Staying ahead of disease is the best way to provide a better life for our patients.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a disease where proactive behavior and monitoring can diminish or restrain its effects. We help to monitor blood glucose and insulin dosages to help improve the lives of Diabetics. We can help setup diets that are in line with doctor recommendations and help monitor the patient’s activity. Our goal is to minimize the effects of Diabetes and make sure the client has systems in place, insulin, monitor, sugar, and other necessary precautions to improve their condition.

CHF / Cardiac Care

We help to monitor the heart and check vital signs and make recommendations to the family and doctor. We work closely with the patient to monitor their condition in relation to medication changes. We also make suggestions for any environment modifications that would benefit the client.

Respiratory: COPD

We make recommendations and provide breathing and oxygen apparatuses to clients that are in need. A lack of oxygen requires immediate attention because it can lead to stroke or heart attack. We will make arrangements for setup and delivery for the equipment and a technician to assist in implementation.

Rehabilitation Services

Strength training exercises tailored at nursing the individual back to health.  We help them manage pain and assist them with movements.  We setup schedules and regimens to track progress and help them get better as quickly as possible.  We make recommendations based on their condition and aid in making changes to their regimen.

Occupational Therapy

We aid in helping individuals return to the everyday functions of life.  Each patient has different needs so our service in tailored to address those specific needs.  We assist in helping them dress, bathe, eat, drink, and so forth.  We also help to make sure that their surroundings help them to meet these challenges and make recommendations for modification.